How Can I Move the Linux OfflinePool.dat File to Another Folder

Ekran System allows you to store offline data in the non-default Linux folder. It is possible to make soft links to files containing the offline data.

To configure a non-default folder for offline data (after installing a Linux Client on an endpoint machine), do the following:

1. Stop the Ekran services using the following command: sudo systemctl stop Ekran
(and the following command can also be used to check that the services have stopped: sudo systemctl status Ekran).


2. Open the /var/.ekran/internal/ folder, where the files are located that contain the offline data:

• EkranOfflinePool.dat

• EkranOfflinePool.dat-shm

• EkranOfflinePool.dat-wa


3. Move these files to another location (e.g. NAS system, mounted drive, any another folder, etc), by using the following command: sudo mv EkranOfflinePool.dat* /<name_of_folder>/

4. Open the folder with the files copied to it, and make soft links for them using the following commands:

ln -sri EkranOfflinePool.dat /var/.ekran/internal/EkranOfflinePool.dat 

ln -sri EkranOfflinePool.dat-shm /var/.ekran/internal/EkranOfflinePool.dat-shm

ln -sri EkranOfflinePool.dat-wal /var/.ekran/internal/EkranOfflinePool.dat-wal

    After running these commands, you will see the following result in the /var/.ekran/internal/ folder:


NOTE: In some cases, the owner of these files may need to be changed to the "root" user, which can be done by using the following command: chown -h root:root EkranOfflinePool.dat*

5. Start the Ekran services again, and check that the Client works correctly using the following command: sudo systemctl start Ekran