Issues with Receiving Data from Linux Clients

Possible issues related to the receiving data from Linux Clients are listed below, along with information about their possible causes and how to resolve them.


An installed Client is not displayed online.

• Make sure that the Linux Client is installed and running by checking the state of the Client.

• Make sure that there are no network connection problems by doing the following: On the Application Server computer, using the command line (cmd.exe), execute the "ping <Client computer name>" command, and if any network issues are detected, resolve them.


A Linux Client is online, but not sending any data,

• Make sure a license is assigned to the Client.

• Make sure there is sufficient free space on the disk where the Client is installed.

• Make sure the database is not full (there may be no free space left on the disk where the database server is located).



An installed Client has stopped sending data.

• The Linux Client may have been stopped, so make sure it is running by doing the following: Run the terminal and enter the following command to display the Linux Client processes: ps -ef | grep -i ekran

• The Client computer may be offline, so make sure it is online and has no network connection problems.