Integrating ForgeRock SSO with the Ekran System Management Tool

To set up ForgeRock SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication so as to integrate it for use with the Ekran System Management Tool, do the following:

1. Log in to the Ekran System Management Tool as a user with administrator permissions.

2. Open the Configuration page, and select the SSO Integration tab.

3. In the Issuer Name field, specify the URL of your Management Tool, and upload the metadata by using the Choose File button.


4. Optionally, select the Custom certificate option, and upload a custom certificate and enter the password for it.


5. Click then Save button.

6. Download the metadata by using the metadata URL.

7. Download the certificate by clicking the Download signing certificate link.


8. Import the downloaded certificate to the ForgeRock trusted store (see:

9. Open the ForgeRock AM Admin UI, and in the sidebar, click Applications > Federation > Entity Providers.

10. Create a new remote service, and then upload the metadata downloaded from the Management Tool.


11. For the new remote service, define the settings (as shown below).



12. SSO is now configured, and you can click Log In With SSO on the Management Tool Log In page.