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The URL Monitoring Chart

The URL Monitoring chart displays information on the websites that users have visited on Client computers.

Each bar in the chart corresponds to a website. The height of a bar corresponds to the amount of time users have spent visiting that website within a specified time period.

The total time spent visiting all websites is displayed in the top right corner of the chart.


To set the order of the URL bars being displayed, in the URLs filter select one of the following:

• 20 most visited: The 20 most visited websites, sorted in descending order.

• 20 least visited: The 20 least visited websites, sorted in ascending order.

• All (descending): All bars in descending order.

• All (ascending): All bars in ascending order.


To view the list of sessions containing information on a specific website, click on the column with the corresponding website name. In the window that opens, the following information is displayed in the corresponding columns:

• Client Name: The name of the Client computer on which the website was visited.

• User Name: The user name of the user logged in to the Client computer.

NOTE: If secondary user authentication is enabled on the Client computer, the user name is displayed as: <logged in Windows user> (<secondary authentication user>).

• Start: The start time of the session.

• Last Activity: The date and time when the most recent screen capture was recorded or Linux command was executed.

• Finish: The date and time when the session finished.


To open a Client session in the Session Viewer, click the Play button next the required Client session on the left.

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