Access Requests

On the Access Requests tab (on the Access Management page), the following user access requests are displayed:

• Endpoint access requests.

• One-time password requests (see the Requesting a One-Time Password page).

• Password management (PAM) access requests (see the Using Secrets page).

• USB device access requests (see the Requesting Access to Use a Blocked USB Device page).

• Expose requests (see the Anonymizer page).

The number of pending access requests is displayed next to the Access Management navigation link on the left, and the Approver can process the request by clicking the Approve or Deny links on the right of each request.

By default, if a request is not processed within 30 minutes after it has been submitted, it will automatically expire.

These settings can be changed on the System Settings tab, on the Configuration page.

NOTE: A user can only see access requests for which they have been listed as an Approver.

To view detailed information about a request, click the  icon on the right of the required request to expand it.