Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows you to improve protection of the critical endpoints in your network. 

Two-factor authentication is available for Windows and Linux Clients.

If the Enable two-factor authentication checkbox is selected on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page (on the Authentication Options tab, scroll down to the Two-Factor and Secondary Authentication section) to enable this option, the Client will require the user to enter a time-based one-time password (TOTP) on login.

TOTPs are generated using a special mobile application (i.e. Google Authenticator, Third-Party Accounts, and Authenticator).

Google Authenticator can be downloaded from one of the following locations:

• Google Play for Android devices.

App Store for Apple devices.

Microsoft Store for Windows phones.

• BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry devices.

You can use the following links to find detailed instructions on installation and configuration of your authenticator application:

For Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices:

For Android and iOS devices:

For Windows Phones:

For users to be able to use TOTP, you need to provide them with a two-factor authentication key generated in the Management Tool.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled for Windows and Linux computers while editing a Client or Client group.

Also, if you have at least one serial key activated, two-factor authentication can be enabled even for unlicensed Clients.