Defining Global Alert Settings

Global Alert Settings allow you to define notification settings for all alerts simultaneously. These settings are applied to all alerts.

They can be edited by users with the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

To define Global Alert Settings, click the Alert Management navigation link on the left, and on the Alert Management page, on the right of the Alert Management tab, click the  icon and select Global Alerts Settings in the drop-down list.

The Frequency Settings section allows you to define how frequently alert notifications will appear in the Tray Notifications application and be sent by email.

• The Minimal Interval Between the Same Alert Events in One Session (Min) option allows you to define how frequently notifications about the same alert event will be sent. For example, if this parameter is set to 10 minutes and a user has opened Skype and is using it, the investigator will only receive one notification every 10 minutes instead of receiving multiple notifications.

• Define how frequently notifications will be sent by selecting one of the following options:

- The Send notifications on every alert event option allows you to notify the investigators about every alert event immediately.

- The Send batch notification every (min) option allows you to notify the investigators about all alert events that occurred during the defined time period.

NOTE: The time is calculated from the moment the Application Server starts up if this option is selected. Notifications are then sent at the frequency defined.