Viewing Alerts

Alerts are displayed in the grid on the Alert Management page in the Management Tool, where the list of alerts set up contains the following information in the corresponding columns:

• Risk: The risk level of the alert (which can be Normal, High or Critical).

• Name: The name of the alert.

• Description: A description of the alert.

• Assigned To: The Clients / Client groups the alert is assigned to.

• State: Whether the alert is enabled, or not.

• Notification: How investigators are notified about alert events (by email or via the Tray Notifications application).

• Email Recipient: The email addresses of the investigators who will be notified about alert events (i.e. when the alert is triggered).

To view the alert events for an alert (on the Alerts tab, on the Monitoring Results page), click View Alert next to the corresponding alert on the right.

To find the required alert, you can use the filtering options drop-down list in the top left of the page. Select the Hide Disabled / Hide Default / Hide Enabled option required in the drop-down list and the alerts will be filtered accordingly.

On the Alert Management page, you can also add new alerts, and edit, delete, enable and disable existing alerts, as well as define Global Alert Settings.