Defining Customization Settings

The Customization settings allow the tenant admin to define the subjects to be used in email notifications sent by Ekran System, as well as to customize the message displayed to blocked users to inform them that they have been blocked.

In the Custom Email Subjects section, the subjects for notifications containing a single alert or multiple alerts can be defined.

For single alert notifications, the following variables can be used:

• #name – the alert name.

• #user – the user name.

• #pc – the endpoint name.

• #priority – the alert priority.

• #OS – the OS of the endpoint for alerts.

For multiple alert notifications, only one variable for each alert event in the email (#number) can be used.

To restore the default settings, click Restore Default.

The Custom Login Message for Blocked Users section allows you to define a customer message that will be displayed to a user if access to a Client machine is blocked for the user.