Exporting a Session

To export a session (or part of a session), do the following:

1. Open the required session in the Session Viewer.

2. In the Session Player pane, click the Tools () button (in the top right), and then select Forensic Export in the drop-down list.

3. The Session Forensic Export pop-up window then opens.


4. Select either the:

 Export session fragment starting from current Player position option, and define the time interval required by entering the From and To dates and times for the required part of the session to be exported.

Export full session option to export the whole session.

5. To include text data (i.e. keystrokes and clipboard text data) recorded during Client monitoring, select the Include text data checkbox.

6. Optionally, to protect the exported session with a password, select the Protect with password checkbox, and enter a password in both the Password and Confirm password fields below it.

7. Click Export.

8. The Forensic Export History page opens, displaying the export progress.

9. As soon as export process finishes, the resulting file becomes available for downloading.

10. Click the Download () icon next to the required exported session (or part of a session) on the right to download the file with the Forensic Export results.

NOTE: Make sure you have downloaded the Ekran Forensic Player to play exported sessions. You can download the Ekran Forensic Player on the Forensic Export History page.