Viewing Data

Information about all applications and URLs monitored is displayed in the form of two bar charts (the Applications Monitoring chart and the URL Monitoring chart) on the Interactive Monitoring page.

The number of columns corresponds to the number of applications used and number of websites visited.

Only information on Clients that the user has the Client Viewing Monitoring Results permission for is displayed.


To view the monitored data, do the following:

1. Define the specific parameters to filter the data:

• Who: Filter by a specific user logged in to the Client computer.

• Where: Filter by a specific Client.

• When: Filter by a specific time period, by selecting one of the following options, and then clicking the Apply button:

- Specify the time period required for the Within the last number of hours, days, or weeks; if you define 1 day, sessions recorded during the current day will be displayed.

- Specify the Between start date and end date of the time interval required.

2. Click the Generate button (in the top right of the page).

3. The filtered monitored data is then displayed on both charts.


To zoom in and out of the Application Monitoring and URL Monitoring charts, use the mouse wheel.