General Licensing Information

Product serial keys must be activated before the licenses they contain can be used.

Serial keys can be activated online (this requires that the computer with the Ekran System Application Server installed has Internet access), or added offline (if the computer with the Ekran System Application Server does not have an Internet connection).

To start receiving information from Clients, licenses first need to be assigned to them. The following types of licenses are available:

License Type

Operating System

Number of Concurrent Sessions Recorded

Workstation Client

Windows desktop, macOS, X Window System


Infrastructure Server Client

Windows Server, Linux/Unix Server


Terminal Server Client

Windows Server with Terminal Services, Linux/Unix Server, Citrix Server, Published App Server, Jump Server, X Window System


NOTE: Licenses of the Workstation Client type cannot be assigned to a computer with Windows Server OS installed on it.

NOTE: For Linux Clients, if you only need to monitor Linux GUI X11 (X Windows System) sessions on them, you can assign licenses of the Workstation Client type to them, but only one Linux GUI session can be monitored at any time, and remote SSH Linux sessions cannot be monitored in this way. All Workstations (Linux GUI, macOS and Windows) can use the same license pool. SELinux Clients require licenses of the Infrastructure Server Client or Terminal Server Client types.

NOTE: Each Client can only have one license assigned to it. The first time the Client connects to the Application Server, the license corresponding to the Client computer's operating system is automatically assigned to the Client. In case it is not automatically assigned, the license needs to be assigned to the Client manually.

NOTE: For effective use of floating endpoint licenses, make sure you assign the appropriate type of licenses (Workstation Server Client, Infrastructure Server Client, or Terminal Server Client) to your Clients, depending on your network configuration. When the appropriate type of license is not available, a license of a “higher” type can be assigned instead (e.g. a Terminal Server Client license can be assigned to a Workstation Client or to an Infrastructure Server Client).