Serial Keys

A product serial key, which contains the licenses, is required to use Ekran System.

The following types of serial keys are available:

Permanent (aka Perpetual) serial key: Allows you to use the licenses it contains for an unlimited period of time, and includes Update & Support services for an initial period (normally 12 months), after which time the Update & Support period can be renewed by updating the serial key.

• Subscription serial key: Allows you to use the licenses it contains during the subscription period only (normally 12 months), and includes Update & Support services for this period.

• Trial serial key: Allows you to use the licenses it contains for 30 days (which may vary) from activation, as well as to update the product during this period.

• Not-for-Resale serial key: This key is used for demo purposes by our partners.

Serial keys can either be for the Standard Edition or the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System. 

Please contact Ekran System's partners, or our Sales team at [email protected], to request serial keys.

If you want to try out Ekran System and evaluate it, including the features in the Enterprise Edition, you can request a Trial serial key on the Ekran System website, which will be sent to the email address you specify in the request form.

To be able to activate serial keys, a user needs to belong to the Administrators user group.

In Multi-Tenant mode, after activating serial keys, the administrator of the built-in default tenant (i.e. the technician) must first grant the licenses contained in the serial keys to the tenants. The administrator of each tenant can then assign these licenses to the Clients in their tenant. To grant the licenses to tenants, the technician needs to have the administrative Tenant Management and System Configuration permission.

NOTE: Whenever any purchased serial key is activated, any Trial serial keys will automatically expire.

NOTE: After activation, serial keys are bound to the specific computer where Ekran System Application Server is installed, and cannot be used on any other computer. If the hardware ID of a computer is changed, contact the Support team at [email protected] to change the hardware ID associated with your serial keys to a new one.