Viewing the License State

Information about the current serial key activated/added, along with details about the licenses it contains, can be viewed on the Serial Key Management page in the Management Tool.


To view the license state, open the Management Tool, and click the Configuration () button (at the top).

The following information is displayed on the Serial Key Management tab:

- The Update & Support period end date: The date when the Update & Support period expires (calculated based on the dates when the serial keys were activated and the length of their Update and Support periods).

- Terminal Server Client / Workstation Client / Infrastructure Server Client licenses granted: For each type of license, the number of licenses that are currently available for use (including those already assigned to Clients), out of the total number of licenses from all activated serial keys.

- Enterprise serial key: Indicates whether the target server computer has an activated Enterprise serial key.

- Unique identifier: The hardware ID of the computer on which the Application Server is installed. 

The most recent serial key activated is displayed in the grid, in the respective columns:

• Key: The serial key (number).

• Activation Date: The date when the serial key was activated.

• Type: The type of the serial key (Permanent/Subscription/Trial/Not-for-Resale, plus Enterprise if the serial key is for the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System).

• State: The current state of the serial key (Activated/Deactivated/Expired).

• Details: The expiration/deactivation date, and the number of licenses of each type it contains.