Viewing the Licenses Granted to Tenants (in Multi-Tenant Mode)

If Multi-Tenant mode is enabled, the technician (i.e. the admin user of the built-in default tenant) can view information about the number and type of licenses granted to each tenant in the Management Tool.

To view the licenses granted, log in to the Management Tool as a user of the built-in default tenant with the administrative Tenant Management and System Configuration permission, then click the Configuration () button (at the top of the Management Tool interface), and on the Serial Key Management tab that opens, select the Licenses Granted tab.

The following information is displayed in the Licenses Granted grid:

• The tenant name.

• The number of Workstation Client / Terminal Server Client / Infrastructure Server ClientCloud Server Client / Linux Client licenses granted to each tenant (along with the number of these licenses currently in use. i.e. assigned to Clients).