Uninstalling Linux Clients

To uninstall a Linux Client using the command line, do the following:

1. Run the terminal.

2. Navigate to the folder containing the Linux Client by entering the command:

$ cd /opt/.Ekran

3. The .Ekran folder contains the uninstall.sh script used to uninstall the Client.

4. Run the uninstallation script by entering the following command:

$ sudo ./uninstall.sh -f and press Enter.

NOTEIf you uninstall the Linux Client using the "$ sudo ./uninstall.sh" command without adding the "-f" parameter after it, some files and folders (e.g. "/var/.ekran/log") may remain after uninstallation.

4. Enter the password of the superuser.

5. The Linux Client will be uninstalled.

6. Reboot the Linux Client computer (optional).