Installing macOS Clients Using the Application

This type of installation allows you to install macOS Clients locally using the EkranSystemClient application.

To install the macOS Client on a target computer (which is running a macOS operating system) using the EkranSystemClient application, do the following:

1. Copy the downloaded macos_agent_x64.tar.gz (or macOS x64 Client Installation (.tar.gz+.ini) installation package to any folder on the macOS system.

2. Unpack the downloaded macOS installation package.

3. Open the EkranClient folder.


4. Double click on EkranSystemClient-<version>.pkg


5. Click Continue.


6. Select the required disk where you want to install the application, and click Continue.


7. Click Install.


8. Enter the password, and then click Install Software.


9. Wait for installation to complete, and then click Close.


10. Open to Applications folder, and double click on the Ekran System Client icon.


11. Click Install.


12. Enter the server hostname, port and tenant key into the corresponding fields, where the port and tenant key are optional parameters (by default, the Client uses port 9447 for connection to the Ekran System Application Server and the Client will be installed on the built-in default tenant in Multi-Tenant mode), and then click Next.

NOTE: In Multi-Tenant mode, the tenant key can be copied from the Management Tool (on the Tenant Management page) by the administrator of the built-in default tenant.

Instead, if the EkranClient folder in the macOS installation package contains a .ini file, the server hostname will be automatically inserted to the Server name/IP field of the application, and the user will not be able to modify it (since the data in this field will be read-only).


13. Enter the password, and then click Install Helper.


14. The macOS Client is then be installed.


15. After installation of the Client, the macOS system displays the following system messages (depending on the OS version):



The macOS requests the Accessibility (and Screen Recording) permission for correct operation of the macOS Client.

NOTE: For version 10.14 and higher, the macOS requests the Accessibility permission, and for version 10.15 and higher, the macOS also requests the Screen Recording permission.

16. Click the Open System Preferences button, and then select the checkbox next to the EkranAgentClient process to set up the permissions.



17. Installation of the macOS Client is then complete.