Jump Server Configuration

Before secrets can be created and used, a Client with a Terminal Server Client license needs to be configured as a jump server. 

Make sure the Client computer that is to be used as a jump server has the following components installed and configured:

• .NET Framework 4.8

• Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=48145

To configure the Client that will be used as the jump server, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the Client Configuration Management permission.

2. Click the Client Management navigation link on the left.

3. On the Client Management page, find the Client that will be used as the jump server, and click its name in the Client Name column.

NOTE: To find specific Clients, the Search box and filters at the top of the Client Management page can be used.

4. On the Editing Client page, on the Properties tab, in the Client Properties section at the top, make sure a Terminal Server Client license is assigned to the Client.

5. Scroll down to the Client Mode section, and select the following checkboxes::

• Select the Enable Jump Server mode checkbox.

NOTE: For the jump server to function correctly, it is recommended to use a server operating system.

• Select the Replace Windows Shell with Ekran System Connection Manager checkbox to enable the use of the Ekran System Connection Manager window instead of the Windows Shell, so as to be able to use this desktop application for secrets (which can be opened by clicking the Ekran System Remote Access icon on the desktop).



6. To allow the Client to be assigned to secrets, select the Authentication Options tab, and scroll down to the Two-Factor and Secondary Authentication section, then select the Enable secondary user authentication on login checkbox.


NOTE: This step is only required when it is not possible to add Active Directory users to secrets.

7. Click the Finish button in the bottom right of the page.

8. The Client as now configured as a jump server.