Client Performance Numbers



Average CPU load for 1 hour of operation

0.5% per session

Peak CPU load

Up to 5% per session

Bandwidth requirements

128 Kbit/s

Average Data Volume

1 average workstation Client generates 150 MB per 8-hour work day for most types of Clients (excluding remote SSH Linux Client sessions in particular, which often generate more data).

Peak Data Volume

1 workstation Client can generate up to 15–25 MB per intensive work hour

Data Volume for Windows Clients:

     • 1 session per day (average)

150 MB

     • 1 session per day (maximum)

5,136 MB (at the highest screen capture quality)

     • 100 sessions per day (average)

15 GB

Data Volume for Linux Clients (X Window System sessions only, excluding remote SSH sessions which often generate more data):

     • 1 session per 15 minutes (average)

8 MB

     • 1 session per day (average)

100 MB

NOTE: Performance has been measured for one session using full HD display resolution and default screen capture and color settings.

NOTE: For Linux Clients, Ekran System allows the amount of information received from Clients to be reduced by defining separate commands, the output of which will be skipped while monitoring.