Database Management

Database management is performed using the Management Tool by a user with the administrative Database Management permission. Database management allows you to delete monitoring data, delete offline or uninstalled Clients, and shrink the database transaction log depending on the database type.

Data archiving is the logical archiving of old monitored data to third party storage. This means that the full database is not archived, but only the parts of it that you no longer need. You can do this by using native database tools, but make sure that you archive the old records to another database before removing them from the production one.

NOTE: The archive database type and structure must be the same as in the production database. For example if you use MS SQL to save metadata and a file system for binaries, the archived metadata will be copied to another MS SQL database (which could be on another server) and binary files will be copied to another folder (which could be shared folder).

Separate cleanup/archiving settings can be defined independently for different Clients or Client groups. For example, you can keep the records from one Client group for one month, and for another Client group for two months before archiving them, while for the rest of the Clients you could delete the data after one week.

NOTE: Archiving to different database types is not supported. 

There are two types of cleanup operation that can be applied either to an individual Client or to a Client group:

• Cleanup: Allows the deletion of monitored data collected by the Clients from the database.

• Archive & Cleanup: Allows the saving of the monitored data in secure storage followed by deletion of it from the database. You can view the archived sessions in the Session Viewer at any time.

NOTE: The Archive & Cleanup option is only available if you have an activated serial key for the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System.

You can configure the cleanup execution frequency by selecting one of the following options:

• Never: Cleanup operations will not be performed (this is the default option).

• Run once: A one-time cleanup operation will be performed by clicking Finish on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page.

• Repeat according to schedule: A scheduled cleanup operation will be performed every few days at the specified time, as defined.