Step 2. Enabling the of Signing of Monitoring Data with a Certificate

To enable the signing of monitoring data with the certificate, do the following:

1. Stop the Application Server by clicking Stop in the context menu of the Ekran System Server icon in the Windows System Tray, or find the EkranServer service in the Task Manager and then click Stop.

2. Open the Windows Registry Editor.

3. In the Registry Editor window, select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EkranSystem key.

4. Select Edit > New > String Value, and add a new value:

• Value name: SignMonitoredDataCert

• Value data: <copied Thumbprint value> of the imported certificate (without spaces).

5. Start the EkranServer service to continue working with the application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Application Server can no longer be configured in the registry after updating to Ekran System version 6.53.1 or higher, which is now done instead by way of the "EkranServer.Settings.config" text file (located in: C:\Program Files\Ekran System\Ekran System\Server). After updating to version 6.53.1 or higher, all settings previously configured in the registry remain the same, but are now stored in the .config file (e.g. <add key="<GoldenImageMode>" value="1" />), and can only be modified in this file. For this reason, all instructions above concerning configuration of the Application Server in the registry no longer apply to the registry, but instead apply to the .config file.