Running the EkranServer Service under a User Account

When running the EkranServer service under a user account, rather than under a local system account, make sure you assign the required permissions to this user account.

To configure the user permissions, do the following:

1. Log in as administrator.

2. Press Windows+R, enter secpol.msc in the Run window that opens, and then click OK.


3. The Local Security Policy window opens.

4. Navigate the console tree to: Local Computer Policy\Windows Settings\Security Settings.

5. Expand the Local Policies node, and click User Rights Assignment.

6. Add the user account name that is used by the EkranServer service to the following policies and click OK:

Act as part of operating system

• Impersonate a client after authentication

• Log on as a service

• Replace a process level token


NOTE: Any change to the user permissions assignment for an account becomes effective the next time the owner of the account logs in.