Opening the Management Tool Using Smart Cards

To open the Management Tool where access to it is protected, do the following:

1. Insert the Smart Card into the computer where you are logging in to the Management Tool.

2. Open the browser and enter https://<The name of the computer or IP address on which the Management Tool is installed>/<The URL that was specified during Installation of the Management Tool> in the address bar, e.g: https://john-pc/MyMonitoringSystem.

3. In the Windows Security window, enter the Smart Card PIN, and then click OK.


4. The Management Tool login page opens.

5. Enter the credentials of an existing user of the system:

• For an internal user, enter the login and password defined during creation of the user.

NOTE: When you open the Management Tool for the first time, enter the login “admin” and the password defined during installation of the Application Server.

• For a Windows user, enter the login in the form <domain name>\<user name> and the Windows authentication password.

NOTE: If the user does not have a domain certificate or the certificate does not match, the browser will display an error when opening the Management Tool.