Opening the Management Tool

Opening and Logging In to the Management Tool

To open the Management Tool, do the following:

1. Open your browser and enter https://<name of the computer or IP on which the Management Tool is installed>/<URL that was specified during Management Tool installation> in the address bar, e.g. https://john-pc/MyMonitoringSystem

NOTE: If the certificate is not added to Trusted Root Certification Authorities, or the name of the computer entered in the browser address does not match the subject (in the Issued To field) of the certificate, your browser will display a certificate error when opening the Management Tool.

2. The Management Tool opens.

3. Enter the credentials of an existing user:

• For an internal user, enter the login and password defined when the user was created.

NOTE: When you open the Management Tool for the first time, enter the login ”admin and the password defined when the Application Server was installed.

• For a Windows user, enter the login in the form <domain name>\<user name> and the Windows authentication password.

NOTE: If an Active Directory user group has been added to the system, any users belonging to this group can log in using their Windows credentials.

4. The Management Tool Home page opens.

By default, only one user can log in to the Management Tool at any one time using the same credentials. If another user logs in using the same credentials from a different IP address, the first user will be forcibly logged out. You can configure the concurrent session settings on the System Settings tab on the Configuration page.

Please note that the first time you open the Management Tool, it may take a while to launch, since IIS has not yet been used.

If you encounter any problems when opening the Management Tool, please see Management Tool Issues.

Locking Users on Multiple Failed Login Attempts

To improve security (e.g. by preventing brute-force attacks), this feature can be enabled to allow user accounts to be automatically locked (for a specified duration) after (a specified number of) multiple failed login attempts by any user.

If a user enters an incorrect password multiple times, their user account is temporarily locked, meaning that they cannot log in (with their correct credentials) until either:

A specified duration has passed since their last failed login attempt (after which their account will be unlocked automatically).

An administrator (i.e. any user who has the administrative User Management permission) unlocks their account manually (see more information on the Unlocking Users page).

To enable this feature, and configure the parameters, open the EkranServer.Settings.config file (on the computer where the Ekran System Application Server is installed), and modify the values of the following keys:  

• LockoutEnabled: Set the value to "1" to enable this feature (where the default value is "0"=disabled).

• LockoutAccessFailedCount: Set the number of consecutive failed login attempts after which any user account is locked, where the default value is "5" (and is in the range between min="3" and max="10").

• LockoutDuration: Set the duration that user accounts are locked for (in minutes), where the default value is "5" (and is in the range between min="5" and max="20" minutes). 

NOTE: SSO (Single Sign-On) functionality is in no way affected by this functionality to lock user accounts on multiple failed login attempts, as these two features operate independently of one other.