USB Monitoring & Blocking

Two types of monitoring for USB devices are available:

• USB-Based Device Monitoring: Allows you to view information on devices plugged-in detected by Windows as USB devices. This type of monitoring is performed automatically and does not require any additional settings for the Client to be enabled. Information on USB devices detected is displayed in the Session Viewer.

• Kernel-Level USB Monitoring: Provides you with the means for in-depth analysis of USB devices plugged-in. By adding kernel-level USB rules, you can perform the following actions:

- Monitoring: View information on devices detected in the Session Viewer.

- Send notifications: Receive notifications (by email or in the Tray Notifications application) when a device is connected to the Client computer.

- Blocking: Block the USB device from being used, and the user can also be informed that the device on their computer has been blocked.

- Block access to USB device until administrator approval: Block access to the device until approval by an administrator. In this case, the user will be prompted to request access from the administrator whenever a device is connected to the Client computer.

It is also possible to create a list of devices that will not be monitored or blocked.

WARNING! - It is recommended to add all permitted devices to the list of exceptions, so as not to accidently block them from being used.

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