Requesting Access to Use a Blocked USB Device

The process of using a USB or mobile device with forbidden access is as follows:

1. The user plugs the device into the Client computer.

2. In window that opens, the user enters a comment to be sent to the Approver, and then clicks Request Access.

NOTE: If the device was connected to the Client computer before the start of the session, it will be blocked without any notification to the user. To request access to the USB device, the user must first unplug the device and plug it in again.

3. The user request is sent to the email addresses of the trusted users specified when adding or editing the USB monitoring rule and is also displayed on the Access Requests tab on the Access Management page. The Approver processes the USB device access request either by using the link in the email or on the Access Requests tab in the Management Tool.

4. The Approver’s comment is displayed to the user.

If access is approved, the user then needs to unplug the USB device and plug it in again, after which the user will be able to use the device without restrictions.

If access is forbidden, the user cannot use the USB device until the specified user approves any further access requests.