Filtering and Searching Data

You can filter the metadata in the Metadata grid in the Session Viewer in one of the following ways:

• Searching

• By a column

After filtering data, the Session Player switches to Filtered Mode.

Filtering by Searching

The Search field allows you to find metadata containing search expression in the corresponding columns:

• Activity Title

• Application Name

• Keystrokes

• Clipboard Text Data

• USB Device Info


• Linux Command

• Linux Command Parameters

• Linux Functions

To find the required metadata, enter a keyword into the Search field, and then press Enter. The data in the Metadata grid is then filtered according to the search expression.

Filtering by a Column

You can filter sessions using the column headers in the sessions grid.

To filter sessions by a non-date field (Who, Where, etc), click the  icon in the required column header, and select one or multiple options, and then click OK.

To filter sessions by a date field (Start, Last Activity, or Finish), click the  icon next to the required column header on the right, and select the From and To dates, and then click OK.

You can filter data by multiple columns, by filtering each column required one-by-one.