Viewing USB Device Info

During the monitoring process, activity is recorded every time a USB device is plugged into a Client machine.

Along with a screen capture (if the Enable screen capture recording along with user activity recording checkbox is selected to enable this option), information on the device plugged in is displayed in the Metadata grid as follows:

• Activity Title: USBStorage - <device details>

• Application Name: [Monitoring event]

If you are using rules for kernel-level USB monitoring according to which devices are detected or blocked, each time an associated alert event occurs, a screen capture is created. In the Metadata grid (i.e. the pane on the right), the corresponding activity is marked by a colored bar (on the left of the record) to indicate this alert event (with the bar's color indicating the risk level of the alert).

NOTE: If the "Enable screen capture recording along with user activity recording" checkbox is not selected to enable this option on the Client, the sessions of this Client will not contain any screen captures.

When you select a USB device-related screen capture or a record in the Metadata grid, the USB device information associated with it is displayed in the Details area (i.e. the pane below the Session Player).