Informing Users about Monitoring

If you want users to be informed that their session is being monitored, you can select the Display Client tray icon checkbox to enable this option in the Management Tool by defining the access request expiration time in the Access Request Expiration Time section (on the Configuration page, on the System Settings tab).

You can also enable the additional message option (by selecting the Enable displaying of additional message checkbox (on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, on the Authentication Options tab in the Authentication Options section at the top) to display a message to the user, who must confirm acknowledgement of the message in order to log in to the computer.

The additional message is displayed whenever:

• Windows is started or restarted.

• The user is logged out or switches to another account.

• The user logs in using a remote connection.

Additionally, you can enable the Require user’s comment option, which will require the user to comment on the additional message displayed on login. The comment entered is displayed in the list of Client Sessions.

NOTE: If both the secondary user authentication and displaying of an additional message options are enabled for the Windows Client, the additional message will only be displayed after the user enters additional credentials into the secondary authentication window.

The Client tray icon is always displayed to the user. A tray notification is displayed whenever:

• The user logs in.

• The user clicks on the icon.

NOTE: The additional message and Client tray icon are not displayed for unlicensed Windows Clients.