Logging in to the Client Computer with the Require Ticket Number Option Enabled

The process of logging in to the Windows Client computer with the Require ticket number option enabled is performed as follows:

1. The user logs in to Windows in the usual way (either locally or remotely).

2, If the secondary user authentication on login option is enabled, the Client prompts the user to enter their secondary credentials.

3. After the user is logged in, an additional message is displayed.

4. The user then enters a valid ticket number and enters a comment into the additional message, and then clicks I Agree to access the system (otherwise, if the user clicks Cancel, they will be returned to the Windows login screen).

5. In the ticketing system, the user’s comment is then added to the corresponding ticket. It contains information on who and when logged in to the Client computer. Additionally, it contains the user’s comment entered in the additional message window and a link to the user’s session.