Generating a One-Time Password Manually

When a user requests a one-time password to access the Client computer, the user's request is sent to the email addresses of the users specified for the Client in the Client configuration (on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, on the Authentication Options tab, in the Two-Factor and Secondary Authentication section, in the Users Who can Approve Access drop-down list).

The user's request is also displayed on the Access Requests tab of the Access Management page.

By default, if a request is not processed within 30 minutes after it has been submitted, it will automatically expire. You can change these settings on the System Settings tab on the Configuration page.

NOTE: For an internal user to receive the email request correctly, make sure that a valid email address is defined on the User Details tab of the Editing User page.

To generate a one-time password using an email link, open the email received with a request for a one-time password and click the navigation link in it to generate a password. A one-time password will be automatically generated and sent to the user’s email address.

To generate a one-time password on the Access Requests tab, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as the user who has been listed as an Approver for the request.

2. Click the Access Management navigation link on the left.

3. On the Access Management page, on the Access Requests tab, click the Approve link next to the required one-time password request on the right.

5. Optionally, enter a comment, and then click Confirm.

6. A one-time password is generated automatically and sent to the user's email address.