Requesting a One-Time Password

While logging in to the Client computer with the one-time password option enabled, the user can request a one-time password to get temporary access to the Client computer.

The one-time password can be requested in one of the following ways:

• For emergency access to the computer: The user's request is sent to the email address of the users (i.e. Approvers) that they enter in the Request One-Time Password window and displayed on the Access Requests tab on the Access Management page. The Approver can then approve the request either by using the link in the email, or on the Access Requests tab. The one-time password is then generated and sent to the user’s email address.

• For an internal user: The one-time password is generated automatically and sent to the Ekran System user’s email address specified on the User Details tab of the Editing User page.

• For an Active Directory user: The one-time password is generated automatically and sent to the user’s email address specified in the Active Directory account.

NOTE: If an email with the password generated is required to be resent for any reason, the user can request it again. However, a new one-time password for logging in to the same Client computer cannot be requested more often than once per hour.

NOTE: The one-time password received can only be used once within the time period that can be specified in the Access Request Expiration Time section (on the Configuration page, on the System Settings tab), and only be used for logging into the Client computer which it has been requested from. If the user does not use the one-time password within the specified time period, it will expire automatically. The default value is 30 minutes.