Granting a User Permission to Log In

To grant an Ekran System user permission to log in to a Client computer with secondary user authentication enabled, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the administrative User Management permission.

2. Edit the Active Directory user or internal user who will log in to the Client computer or add a new user in the Management Tool.

3. While adding/editing a user on the User Management page, on the Client Access tab, click Edit Permissions next to the required Client on the right.

NOTE: To find a specific Client, enter its name, or part of its name in the Contains box, and then click the Apply Filters button on the right of it.

4. On the Client Access tab, select the Access to Endpoint via Secondary Auth. checkbox, and then click Save.

5. Click the Finish button in the bottom right of the Editing User page.