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3. Accessing the Application Using the Management Tool


To start using Ekran System, you need to access it using the Management Tool by doing the following:

1. In the list of deployed resources shown (see the screenshots at the bottom of previous page), click on the virtual machine (“EkranServer” is the default name) that you chose to install the Ekran System Application Server on during deployment.

2. On the Overview tab, in the Essentials section, copy the DNS name of the virtual machine. This name, along with the URL configured during deployment (“ekransystem” is the default URL), can be used to access the Management Tool. For example:

3. Open your browser and paste this full URL of the Management Tool into the address bar.

NOTE: If you chose to open port 443 while configuring the deployment, you will be able to access the Management Tool from your on-premises environment. Otherwise, you can only access the Management Tool from the virtual machine where the Ekran System Application Server is installed.

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