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Ekran System Knowledge Base of End-User Documentation

As a full-cycle insider risk management software solution, Ekran System allows you to deter, detect and disrupt insider threats to your corporate IT infrastructure so as to prevent data loss involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently, or unknowingly, as well as to meet compliance requirements, etc.

Ekran System provides you with an evidence-based trail in the form of context-rich video recording of user activity. The extensive, powerful, and often unique functionality of this software solution includes:

  • Deter: Manage identities and control access, including for privileged (PAM) and third-party users.
  • Detect: Monitor activity, collect evidence, manage alerts, and get notifications.
  • Disrupt: Rapidly respond to and investigate security incidents.

Product Documentation

Welcome to the knowledge base of technical end-user documentation for Ekran System!

This online documentation, aimed at assisting both new and existing users of the product, includes such valuable resources as:

  • System Requirements: Hardware and software requirements for various deployment sizes and all components of Ekran System including the Application Server, database, and Clients.
  • Getting Started: How to rapidly get started, including installing, configuring, setting up, and using Ekran System.
  • NEW! Getting Started with SaaS: How to get started with a cloud-based SaaS deployment of Ekran System.
  • Deployment (Installation Checklist and Quick Start Guide): Detailed information on how to install, configure and maintain Ekran System, and manage the interactions between its various component parts.
  • Updating Ekran System (Checklist & Best Practice): A step-by-step guide on how to prepare for and update all components of Ekran System to a new version.
  • Full User Manual: As the complete library of detailed information for users of Ekran system, this full user guide contains all information on deploying, configuring, setting up, integrating, maintaining, managing and using the system, and includes the documents listed above, as well as much more.
  • Ekran System Encryption: A description of the different types of data encryption provided by Ekran System.
  • Ekran System Features: Check out the full list of wide-ranging and unique functionality offered by Ekran System in our Full Feature presentation, and compare the Standard and Enterprise editions of the product.

Release Notes

See what's new, in the latest Release Notes.

You can also download the latest version of Ekran System on our website.

Online Demo & Free Trial

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