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Adding Exceptions in Internet Information Services (IIS)

This article describes how to create a list of exceptions in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to allow Ekran System resources.

To create a list of allowed Ekran System resources, do the following:

1. In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, open the <hostname> > Sites > Default Web Site > EkranSystem section.


2. In the IIS section, select the Request Filtering option.


3. Click the Allow File Name Extension… option to add the Ekran System components to the allowed list.


The following Ekran System web components should be added to the list of exceptions:

• .bmp

• .eot

• .html

• .jpg

• .xml

• .json

• .svg

• .woff2

• .gif

• .map

• .woff

• .css

• .ttf

• .pdf

• .js

• .cs

• .png

• .axd

Make sure the following formats are added to the exceptions list for other Ekran System components:

• .exe - for the Ekran Forensic Player.

• .zip - for the Ekran System Application Server logs, Management Tool logs, and Windows Client logs.

• .tar.gz - for Linux and macOS Client logs.

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