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Adding a Single Domain as an LDAP Target Manually

To add a new LDAP target manually, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the administrative Database Management permission.

2. Click the Configuration (

) button (at the top of the Management Tool interface).

3. On the Configuration page that opens, select the LDAP Targets tab, and then click the Add button (at the top of the page).

4. On the Add LDAP Target page, define the following parameters:

• LDAP Path: Enter the LDAP path for the Active Directory domain controller that you want to connect to in the following format:

LDAP://<Domain Controller name or IP address>/DC=<Domain name>,DC=<Suffix>

e.g. for the domain with the EKRANAPP domain controller, enter the following: LDAP://EKRANAPP/DC=test,DC=app,DC=local.

For LDAP over SSL (LDAPS), the full name of the domain controller that you want to connect to and the port must be entered. The default port for LDAP connections over SSL is 636. You can specify a different port, but 636 works in most situations.

e.g. LDAP://dc.ldaps.test:636/DC=ldaps,DC=test

NOTE: For LDAP over SSL, for the Ekran System Application Server to be able to establish a connection with the domain controller, certificates that are signed by a CA (Certificate Authority) must be used.

• Domain NetBIOS Name: Enter the NetBIOS name of the domain you want to connect to.

• User: Enter the name of an existing user belonging to the Active Directory domain that you want to connect to.

• Password: Enter the password of the user account.

5. Optionally, define the domain administrator credentials which are required to use the Password Management feature, and then click the Finish button (in the bottom right).

6. On the LDAP Targets tab, the new LDAP target is then added to the list of LDAP targets displayed in the grid.

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