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Approving USB Access by an Administrator

The option to block access to a USB device until approval by an administrator allows you to better protect the data on Windows Client computers.

NOTE: This feature is only available with an activated serial key for the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System.

NOTE: This feature is not currently supported for macOS Clients.

To only allow endpoint users to access USB devices on Windows Client computers after receiving approval from a trusted user (i.e. Approver), do the following:

1. Add a USB monitoring rule, and on the Additional Actions tab, in the Actions section, select the Block access to mass storage device until administrator's approval checkbox, and then select the trusted users (i.e. Approvers) to which access requests will be sent in the Users Who Can Approve Access drop-down list below the checkbox.

2. After the endpoint user plugs a USB device into their Client computer, Approvers can then approve (or deny) the user access to the USB device, by either clicking the link in the email sent to them or by way of the Access Requests tab (of the Access Management page).

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