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Deleting Tenants


Deleting a tenant means that the tenant admin will no longer be able to use the system, and will therefore not be able to access all the data and users.

If a tenant is deleted while its admin user is logged in to the Management Tool, they will immediately lose access, and none of the pages will be displayed.

NOTE: If the tenant has at least one Client, the tenant cannot be deleted; to delete the tenant, all of its Clients must first be deleted.


To delete a tenant, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the administrative Tenant Management and System Configuration permission.

2. Click the Tenant Management navigation link (on the left).

3. On the Tenants page, click the Edit Tenant (

) icon next to the required tenant (on the right).

4. On the Edit Tenant page that opens, on the Tenant Details tab, click the red Delete Tenant button (in the bottom left of the page).

5. In the confirmation message, click Delete.

6. The tenant is then deleted.

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