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Ekran System Support & Maintenance Policy

After purchasing any license serial key for Ekran System software, the customer becomes eligible for Update & Support services. All Update & Support services will be provided in accordance with this Policy.

Table of Contents

1. The Update & Support Period

Update & Support services for Ekran System are provided for a specified period (e.g. 12 months) depending on the license serial key purchased, starting from the time when the license serial key is activated. During this period, the customer gets access to all new releases, as well as the right to contact the Ekran System Support team regarding any issues covered by our Support service in accordance with this Policy.

2. Issues Covered by the Support Service

Our Technical Support service covers all issues regarding installation, updating, operation and uninstallation of Ekran System software and all of its component parts. Support does not cover issues regarding customer hardware or network infrastructure, or any issues that may arise when using Ekran System on endpoint computers running unsupported OSs, or when the minimum system requirements for stable operation of Ekran System are not met.

3. Support for Prior Releases

Prior releases of Ekran System are not supported. Technical Support is provided only for the latest official release of the software. For the duration of the Update & Support period, informational support, including consultancy and answers to questions regarding the product and its operation can be provided for all prior releases, but in order to receive full Support services, customers need to have the latest official version of Ekran System installed. The capability to update any prior release to the latest official version of the system is provided for the duration of the Update & Support period.

4. Contacting the Support Team

Ekran System's Support team can be contacted by email at: Any message should provide a detailed description of the issue and, if possible, have log files attached. On receipt of an email, our Support specialists are obliged to respond within 24 hours.

5. Attaching Log Files to an Email Detailing the Issue

If possible, log files should be attached to any email addressed at our Support Team detailing an issue. In order to download these files, you can use our Log Collector tools for Ekran System Clients and the Ekran System Application Server:


When running these tools, the required log files will be generated on the desktops of the corresponding endpoint computers.

Alternatively, these log files can also be downloaded from the Management Tool, as described on the following pages of the User Manual:

Downloading Client Log Files

Downloading the Management Tool and Application Server Log Files 

6. Expiry and Renewal of the Update & Support Period

Update & Support services are no longer provided after the end of the initial Update & Support period, unless these services are renewed. Update & Support services can be renewed for an additional fee by updating your license serial key. If the customer wishes to renew Update & Support services, they need to contact their local representative or Ekran System vendor directly.

7. End-of-Life Policy

In case a decision to discontinue further development of the Ekran System product is made, all existing customers will be notified half a year before further development efforts will be discontinued. After that, Support services will continue for another half year, therefore providing all customers with a full year of technical Update & Support services.

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