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Installing SELinux Clients Using the Installation File


This type of installation allows you to install Linux Clients locally from the command line by using the downloaded EkranSystemSELinuxClientx64.tar.gz installation package.

NOTE: Ekran System Client licenses of either the Infrastructure Server or Terminal Server types are required for SELinux Clients.

NOTE: In Multi-Tenant mode, the SELinux Client cannot currently be installed on tenants other than the built-in default tenant.

To install the SELinux Client on a target computer running the Linux operating system (with the SELinux kernel security module enabled) from the command line, do the following:

1. Copy the installation package to any folder.

2. Run the Terminal.

3. Using the Terminal, navigate to the folder with the installation package by entering the following command:

$ cd path/to/folder

4. Unpack the installation package by entering the following command:

$ tar xvfz EkranSystemSELinuxClientx64.tar.gz

5. Navigate to the unpacked EkranClient folder by entering the following command:

$ cd EkranClient

NOTE: The EkranClient folder contains the "" script used to install the Client.

6. Run the SELinux Client installation script, specifying the Application Server name or Application Server IP address and the port used for connection to the Application Server (port 9447 is recommended) by entering the following command:

$ sudo ./ <Server name or Server IP address> <Server port>

7. After the Client is installed, it will start monitoring a new session the next time the user logs in.

8. The SELinux Client installed is displayed in the list of Clients on the Client Management page in the Management Tool.

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