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Installing the Remote PostgreSQL Database Server and Configuring Remote Access


Before configuring remote access to the PostgreSQL database server and using it, you need to open the ports to ensure the connection between the Ekran System Application Server and the PostgreSQL database.

To install the remote PostgreSQL database server and configure remote access to it, do the following:

1. Download PostgreSQL 10 or higher. You can download it from the official PostgreSQL website at:

2. Run the installation file on your computer.

3. On the computer with the PostgreSQL database installed, navigate to the folder with the postgresql.conf file. By default, the folder is:

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<version number>\data

4. Open the postgresql.conf file.

5. In the postgresql.conf file, either define the listen_addresses parameter as “*” or specify the external IP address from which connections to the database server are to be established.

6. Save the changes.

7. In the same folder, open the pg_hba.conf file.

8. To allow remote connections, add the following host record in the IPv4 local connections group:

• Type: host

• Database: all

• User: all

• Address: The IP address of the Application Server / subnet mask.

NOTE: If you use NAT in your network, an external IP address needs to be defined.

• Method: md5

9. Save the changes.

10. Restart the PostgreSQL service.

11. On the Ekran System Application Server and PostgreSQL computers, in Windows Firewall, allow TCP connection to port 5432.

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