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Issues with Receiving Data from Windows Clients

Possible issues related to receiving data from Windows Clients are listed below, along with information about their possible causes and how to resolve them.


An installed Client is not displayed online.

• Make sure that the Client is installed and its services are running.

• Make sure that there are no network connection problems:

1. On the Application Server computer, in the command line (cmd.exe), execute the following command: ping <Client computer name>

2. If the command displays network issues, resolve them.

• Make sure the Client processes/services are not blocked by antivirus software.


I have changed the hostname of the computer on which the Application Server is installed. 

If you have changed the hostname of the Application Server computer, you must also change it on the Client computer, in the registry. To change the Application Server name, do the following:

1. Open Windows Registry Editor.

2. Select the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/EkranSystem/Client

3. Double-click the RemoteHost value, or select it, and then select Modify in the context menu.

4. Enter the new name or IP address of the Application Server to which the Client will connect.

5. Reboot the Client computer.

NOTE: If the Client is not operating in Protected mode, you can also change the name of the Application Server to which it connects by re-installing the Client remotely using the Management Tool.


The Client is online, but is not sending any data.

• Make sure that user activity recording is enabled in the Client configuration.

• Make sure a license is assigned to the Client.

• Make sure there is more than 500 MB of free space on the disk on which the Client is installed.

• Make sure the database is not full (there may be no free space left on the disk where the database is located).


An installed Client has stopped sending data.

If an installed Client stops sending data, this may be caused by the following issues:

• The Client processes on the Client computer may have been terminated, so make sure the Client processes are running on the Client computer.

• The Client service (EkranClient) may have been stopped, so make sure it is running.

• The Client computer may be offline, so make sure that it is online and has no network connection issues.

• The sending of data is prevented by antivirus software, so make sure that the Client processes/services are not blocked by an antivirus.

• The connection may be blocked by a firewall, so try unblocking the connection.

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