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Licensing Issues

This article will help you to understand and resolve possible licensing issues that may arise while working with Ekran System.


The license management functionality is unavailable and it is not possible to assign licenses to Clients.

To resolve the issue, you need to have the administrative Client Installation and Management and License Management permissions

In Single-Tenant mode, if you have these permissions, but the license management functionality is still unavailable, then your copy of the application is not licensed. Please purchase serial keys, activate them. 

If you are a user of a tenant other than the built-in default tenant in the Multi-tenant mode, contact your technician to check that you have the required licenses granted.


I have assigned a Terminal Server license instead of a Workstation license to the Client, or I have assigned a license to the wrong Client.

The license can be unassigned from a Client at any time, or if you remove a Client, the license will be freed up and you can assign it to another Client machine.

Online licenses cannot be activated in Ekran System deployed on Azure Cloud.

If Ekran System was deployed on Azure Cloud from Azure Marketplace, you may encounter a problem when licenses cannot be activated using the online method despite having a stable Internet connection.

On the Health Monitoring page, you may see the following error: "Action: "LicenseManagementService/ActivateKeys" failed with the message: "Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\wdkshoc0\wdkshoc0.dll'". 

Possible solutions to this issue are:

Activate the system using the offline method.

Update the Azure Windows Server with the latest patches and updates and restart the system, and the problem should be fixed.


I have no Internet connection on the computer where the Application Server is installed, and therefore cannot activate the serial keys.

You can activate the serial keys on the website, and then add the activated keys in the Management Tool


I have reinstalled/updated the Application Server and now no activated serial keys are displayed in the Management Tool.

If you activated the serial keys online, after you reinstalled or updated the Application Server, the activated serial keys will be synchronized automatically. For this purpose, you need to have an active Internet connection during the first startup of the Application Server.

If you activated the serial keys using the offline method (i.e. activated them on the website, and then added them in the Management Tool), you need to add the serial keys in the Management Tool once again.

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