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Searching the Client Session Data

The Search box (in the top right of the page) can be used to filter the list of sessions displayed in the grid, by entering a search expression (i.e. keyword, or part of a keyword):

• Application names

• Activity titles

• Keystrokes

• Clipboard text data

• URLs

• Linux commands and parameters

• Alert names

• USB rule names

• Linux command output

NOTE: For the search to be performed in keystroke data, clipboard data, or Linux command output, the corresponding checkboxes in the drop-down list need to be selected by clicking the

button in the top right of the page. The "Search in output (Linux)" checkbox is only displayed if at least one Linux session has been recorded.

To search using a list of keywords, do the following:

1. Create a .txt file with a list of keywords (keywords must be separated by new line or space characters).

2. Click the Browse button next to the Search box, and select the .txt file.

3. Click the search icon to begin searching.

NOTE: Searching for a large number of keywords or in a large number of sessions may take considerable time, and affect the performance of the Application Server.

In the list of keywords in the .txt file, you can define the number of sessions to perform the search on.

The search is performed in the sessions displayed in the list of Client sessions displayed (on the Monitoring Results page) in accordance with the session sorting order.

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