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The Command Output Limiting Parameter

To reduce the database space used, command output limiting allows a maximum value (in KB) to be specified for the total amount of command output response data recorded for each command executed on the Linux Client computer in remote SSH sessions. This means that if the specified limit is reached for any command, the Client stops recording any additional output data generated (i.e. above the limit) from the command being executed.

To modify the command output limit, on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, select the Monitoring [Linux] tab, and in the Command Output Limiting section, enter the required value in the Command output limit (KB) field, where the default value is "500", and a value of "0" means that the limit is disabled so that no limit is applied.

NOTE: After modifying the Command Output limit value, the new value is only applied for new SSH sessions started after modifying the value.

NOTE: After updating the system to Ekran System version 7.0.50 (in which this parameter was implemented) or later, for Clients installed previously, the Command Output limit is set to the default value (of 500 KB). 

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