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The Keystroke Filtering Parameter

Keystroke filtering allows you to reduce the amount of data received from the Windows Client (or from all Clients in the Client group) and make sure that no privacy violations occur, by defining applications where keystrokes will be monitored.

Keystroke filtering can be performed in one of the following states by selecting the required option in the Filter State drop-down list (on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, on the Keystroke Monitoring tab, scroll down to the Keystroke Filtering section):

• Disabled: Keystrokes in all applications are monitored.

• Monitor keystrokes only in defined applications: Keystrokes are only monitored in predefined applications. This mode allows you to enable keystroke monitoring only for important applications.

• Monitor keystrokes in all applications except: Keystrokes are monitored in all applications except predefined ones. This mode allows you to skip keystroke monitoring of non-suspicious applications or applications that must not be monitored due to regulations.

The applications are identified by name or active window title. Both these parameters are combined with OR logic (i.e. if the activity meets at least one of the conditions defined, it is recorded in the Monitor keystrokes only in defined applications state, or skipped in the Monitor keystrokes in all applications except mode).

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