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The Windows Client Status after an Application Server Update

If the Update Client automatically checkbox is selected for a Windows Client, it is updated automatically as soon as it connects to the Application Server whenever a new version of the Application Server is installed.

If the Update Client automatically checkbox is not selected for a Windows Client, it needs to be updated manually, and is displayed on the Client Management page as not up-to-date in the following columns:

Client Name: A red up arrow (

) icon is displayed if the Client is not up-to-date.

• Client Version: The current version number of the Client is displayed, along with an orange warning triangle (

) icon if the Client requires an update (instead of a green checkmark (
) icon if it is the latest version).

NOTE: Clients that are not up-to-date continue to monitor user activity and send the data to the Application Server as normal.

NOTE: After a Client is updated, the monitored data it recorded before it was updated will still be accessible.

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