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Blocking a User while Viewing a Live Session

To block a user on a Windows Client computer while watching their live session, do the following:

1. Open a user session in the Session Viewer (by clicking on the required user session on the Monitoring Results page).

2. In the main Session Player pane of the Session Viewer, click the red Block User button (at the top).

NOTE: The Block User button is disabled for users already on the Blocked Users list and for Ekran System users without the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

3. The Block User window opens.

4. Select one of the following options:

• On all computers, if you want this user to be blocked on all computers with Clients installed.

• On the computer, if you want the user only to be blocked on the current Client computer.

5. Optionally, enter a forced logout time (the default value is 15 seconds).

6. Optionally, enter a message to be displayed to the user.

7. Optionally, enter a reason for blocking the user.

8. Click Block.

9. On the Client computer, the warning message is displayed and the desktop is blocked.

10. After the specified forced logout time has passed, the user is forcibly logged out of the Client computer. If the user tries to log in to the Client computer again, the system will not allow them to do so, and the following message is displayed: “You have been blocked. Contact your system administrator.

NOTE: If you selected to block the user on all computers, they will be logged out of all computers which they are logged in to, at the time of blocking.

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