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Blocking Users

Ekran System allows you to block users from performing potentially harmful and forbidden actions on Windows Client computers. You can add users to the Blocked Users list either on a selected Client computer or on all Client computers in the system. A blocked user is forcibly logged out of the Client computer if logged in at the time of blocking, and will no longer be allowed to log in.

You can block users while viewing their (live or finished) session. You can also enable Additional Actions options (on the Alert Management page, click the Add Alert button in the top right of the page or click Edit Alert next to the required alert on the right, then scroll down to the Actions section at the bottom, and select one of the options in the Additional Actions drop-down list) that allow either a user to be blocked or a process to be killed when the corresponding alert is triggered. In order to block users, you need to have the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

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